Please contact us, in order to discuss in person our range of strategic consulting services. You’ll have the opportunity to get a tailor-made analysis of your business’ communication needs and a personalized proposal. Below you can find a list of the common deliverables we can provide for you, and the arguments behind each of them.

Expert Articles and Event Presentations Ghostwriting

As a business owner or Marketing professional, you have a lot of knowledge and experience to share. Sharing it would make your potential buyers understand that this is the EXPERTISE they seek. The only issue is the TIME you don’t have to write or make presentations for all the industry’s magazines and business events you should. But hey, we can do it for you. We know how to conveniently extract your knowledge through phone interviews, and supplement it with our research skills. We then ghostwrite the articles that will make you SHINE in front of your prospects, once you publish them as the author.

Business presentations editing

Your business presentation should impress and catch the eye of every client that sees it. If you’re afraid that maybe it’s too long, or so self-centered that will not relate to the client’s needs, we can help you. We’re specialists in brevity that speaks louder than a hundred words, in talking about the benefits your client needs and not the functionalities that you provide.

Web Page Copy

Having a website today is easy and can be done in hours. BUT will it really convince your audience? Or do you feel that writing the copy yourself will make it look like other boring websites you see and think “well, it’s nice, but it’s not for me”? If you are best at knowing what potential buyers and clients need, WE are best at knowing how to make them realize they need YOU. We start from the site map you have (or we can do it ourselves) and after we fully understand your business and customers, we develop the SEO-optimized content you need: the homepage, services, bios or any custom landing page. And you can trust us: we only write stories that sell! 😉

Email Newsletters

The problem with your sales isn’t that your prospects won’t buy from you NOW, but that they don’t remember and consider your offer when they are really READY to buy. Email newsletters are some of the most compelling tools for reminding them about your business and influence them to take action. We can produce custom and original newsletters content to help you earn the trust of your audience and highlight your business expertise and quality of service.

Blog Content

Too many businesses fail to engage prospects and drive search traffic to their site because of limited staff and budget. The solution is a consistent content strategy and a combination of originalcurated and syndicated content. We can outsource the management of your entire blog from you, or we can supplement your existing efforts with blog content that meets your topic needs and style requirements.

White Papers and E-Books